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        An Update to AT&T Data Plans


        AT&T has informed Airstream that it will be retiring unlimited data plans starting January 16, 2020

        AT&T has informed Airstream that it will be retiring unlimited data plans, including those available for Airstream Connected and Airstream Smart users. We are communicating these plan changes in advance so that customers have time to make informed decisions about their connectivity options.

        Why the change??AT&T decided to retire the unlimited plans, including the Unlimited Adventure Plan available for Airstream Connected and Airstream Smart devices, effective January 16, 2020.

        The following flexible data plans without activation fees will be available on Airstream Connected and Airstream Smart devices renewed or activated after 11:59 pm ET on January 15, 2020 -

        • 1 Month 5GB Adventure Plan - $25
        • 1 Month 22GB Adventure Plan - $90
        • 1 Month 50GB Adventure Plan - $175
        • 1 Month 100GB Adventure Plan - $300
        • 12-Month 100GB Adventure Plan - $325

        What does this mean for me??AT&T’s Unlimited Adventure Plans activated or renewed before January 16, 2020, will be valid until the one-year anniversary of their activation. Once the 12-month term ends, customers will have the opportunity to purchase currently available data plans from AT&T.

        What options does the customer have? We recommend looking at your AT&T plan details by logging into your AT&T account?and determine your renewal date. If you are currently using a monthly prepaid plan on your Airstream Connected or Airstream Smart device, these changes do not affect you but you do now have more monthly plan options to choose from.

        How will this influence Classic Smart Control remote functionality??Remote control functions and systems monitoring for Airstream Smart Control Classic customers will not be impacted by these plan changes.

        Airstream does not expect AT&T to publish the new data plans until January 16, 2020.


        For more information and FAQ's about the change in AT&T Data Plans, please reference the Airstream Knowledge Base.

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